Meet the Band

wyd evoke[s] the sound of a warm embrace suspended in midair.
— Chris DeVille, Stereogum
Trumbullplex, Detroit Michigan. June 16, 2018

Trumbullplex, Detroit Michigan. June 16, 2018

WYD is an avant-pop production trio whose primary focus is to channel genuine cathartic expression into powerful, evocative pieces by blending organic and synthetic sounds into harmonically-rich textures, and pairing them with painfully honest lyricism and haunting vocal delivery.

In their first year together, WYD released three singles, two of which were featured on national music blog, Stereogum, and toured over 30 regional dates.

With their latest release, SICK/DEATH/AFTER, WYD brings listeners deeper into the hive mind, flush with color and texture. Fleshing out these dynamic new arrangements, the EP features a myriad of artists from hometown, Columbus Ohio, as well as a horn section from Memphis, Tennessee arranged by the legendary Kameron Whalum.



Carly Fratianne
Lead Vocals / Guitar

Maddy Ciampa
Synthesizer / Background Vocals

Courtney Hall
Drums / Percussion