WYD Tiny Desk Contest submission 2019

The entry video for wyd's "After," like the song itself, is immediately entrancing — chalk that up to filming in a mirrored room with pulsing neon lights. Columbus, Ohio music fans will recognize singer and guitarist Carly Fratianne from the blues-rock band Souther. But wyd is slower, more atmospheric and devastating (the trio describes itself as "queer death pop," which may just be my new favorite genre). —Gabe Rosenberg, WOSU


Bands to Watch 2019: wyd

Trio's haunting tracks project beauty from afar but grow more menacing as listeners draw near From a distance, wyd tracks tend to be lush and beautiful, layers of gauzy, pulsating keyboards, delicate guitar and minimalist drums creating a haunting musical cocoon for singer Carly Fratianne.

wyd - "wyd"

On their eponymous debut single, Columbus duo wyd evoke the sound of a warm embrace suspended in midair. The cavernous yet deeply intimate ballad applies a chamber-pop approach to folk-rock in a way that reminds me of two of the finest debut albums in recent memory, the Staves' If I Was and Billie Marten's Writing Of Blues And Yellows.

wyd - "wtf"

Columbus duo wyd emerged inauspiciously last year with an eponymous song that channeled trembling passion into spare, gorgeous folk-pop. Now they've returned with a new single built on another acronym. The tremendous "wtf" initiates as a simple piano ballad, but it's immediately clear this song is going somewhere grander.